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Schedule Photos to Post Automatically with Postbot

Do you ever get tired of uploading pics to your blog? I know I do. Im making it a goal to post more often just to stay connected. I’ve taken so many pics to prepare for my LoveHillshop.com and LoveHill.etsy.com openings yet I find it so hard to put the darn things up!

Enter Postbot a service that will allow you to upload all your pics at once, yet control when it actually posts to your blog. You can choose the days to upload and even take days off like the weekend!

I think this will definitely help automate some of the more hum drum duties of running my own small business.

So tell me, would you try Postbot? Let me know in the comments section!

The WordPress.com Blog

We’re big fans of photography here at WordPress.com, and we know that a lot of you are, too. Sometimes we’ll take a bunch of photos and want to post them, one at a time, spread over several days. Doing this manually is time-consuming and, let’s be honest, a little boring.

To help this situation we created Postbot, a photo scheduling app that allows you to quickly upload and schedule multiple photos.


Postbot will create a post for each photo and schedule it to appear at a certain time over a given number of days. This is the ideal way to share a lot of photos without having to manually create and schedule each one.

Postbot is a stand-alone application that works with your WordPress.com blog, and your Jetpack-powered WordPress.org blog. You can use it from your desktop or mobile browser.

How to use Postbot

To use Postbot, go to postbot.co

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How Boolean Search Improves Your Social Media Monitoring |


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I love Social Media Examiner's cute little safari guide helping us navigate the scary world of Social Media Marketing!

I’ve been subscribed to Social Media Examiner for quite a while now. Several times a week, it’s founder Michael Stelzner delivers interesting content for entrepreneurs looking to harness the power of Social Media to catapult their businesses to success. There’s always lots of goodies and strategies for entrepreneurs, I’m going to share articles on my blog for those who are interested in learning as much as they can.

Click the link to learn more about Boolean Search. I had never heard of it before but after reading the article through I’m taking note of the strategies I can use to boosty business. 

Why Use Boolean Search?

Boolean search can help you get a better idea of what’s being said about your products and services online, especially within a specific niche like an area or topic. The more specific a search is, the more accurate the information it reveals.

I’m definitely interested in being able to locate other bloggers who I could send some of my http://www.LoveHillshop.com product to for reviews. Boolean search looks like a great way to really laser focus your search. And the article was well written and informative.

Head on over by clicking the link, and if you like drop me a line on how you can use Boolean Search in your biz.



This blog’s a changin


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So I was thinking of starting a new blog actually a couple of blogs, one about challenges I want to put myself on, one about fashion, one about sharing info with other entrepreneurs, etc. But the problem is all roads lead to my Hill.

Here’s a lineup of my thoughts
-I wouldn’t be trying to figure out strategies to position my new business if he hadn’t died.  I’d still be doing bridal.
-I wouldnt need to lose weight by now, however he died and therefore my heart really couldn’t bear the emptiness, so I had SiSi, my rainbow.  Now I need to lose 15lbs (at least).
-I probably wouldn’t feel anymore deeply compelled to study Proverbs.  Had Hill lived I wouldn’t have had a reason to try to really find deeper meaning in my faith. I really believe “He has a plan”. But sometimes I don’t like it.

There’s really so much going on in my head. I feel that my blog is my blog. One day my daughters Tally and SiSi will read my entries and feel they really know me. Imperfect, tenacious. Mommy. I am who I am.

Anyway I’ll be sure to tag each post appropriately.  If you subscribe me, unfortunately you will get emails of posts you are not interested in. Just read the title and tags and read if you’re interested in it. Simple.  Painless.

Some topics I’m thinking about exploring:
Child loss
Hair and makeup
Faith & Belief

I will however keep a separate blog for my new http://www.LoveHillshop.com and the accompanying blog
http://www.bcusilovehill.wordpress.com but I encourage you to sub that blog as well. I will be reposting to this blog so readers can find out about what’s going on with my artistic pursuits. 

Anyway thanks for reading and drop me a line anytime.

50 Superfoods – The Ultimate Shopping List


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If you haven’t heard the way we eat, drink, and our physical activity have a lot to do with how we feel mentally. Because of this I’ve decided to make the month of April my get healthy month.

My plan is to eat as many superfoods per day plus at least 30 minutes of heart pumping cardio and lifting weights at least five to six days per week.


If you’re interested in learning more about superfoods just click the link above which will give you a list of 50 super foods that will be great to incorporate into your diet.
Also if I come across any tasty recipes for any of the superfoods I’ll be sure to post them.

I’ll also be keeping track of my stats as far as weight, body composition and physical activity. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even do before and after pics so you can see my progress.

Anyway just click the link and read up on superfoods, then go and get eating!

12 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making Important Decisions – Dream, Do, Savor


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In the spirit of change I’d like to offer up pearls of wisdom as I am gleaning them. Please click on the link above and learn a little more about ways your intuition can influence you to make better decisions.


I finally did it! Yesterday I did the following:
Created the logos for LoveHill
Put up my first free graphic for Angel Mommies
Bought and registered my domain
Uploaded my LoveHill cover photo and profile pic

I’m so excited I couldn’t sleep! It was super exciting to put up the graphic and see all the comments from Angel Mommies asking for one for their precious Angels.  I hope to create one new graphic per week.

I also have been looking into purchasing an engraver because, yep you guessed it, I’ll be doing custom engraved memorial jewelry. Oh and in celebration of my beautiful girls I’m working on a kid’s clothing line! Yes please check out http://www.LoveHillshop.com. it’s under construction now but soon there will be clothing designed and styled with my 7 yr old Tally, Hilly’s big sister! I’m so excited I can barely contain myself!

Anyway, thank you for reading and please LIKE my Facebook page http://www.Facebook.com/bcusilovehill and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @bcusilovehill.


Praying crying sleeping

Sometimes I feel like it’s really difficult to live since my son died. Every single day I get is a day that he did not obviously.  He lived only 3 days; 3 days was a lifetime to him whereas for me I don’t even feel like figuring out how many days I’ve had.

When I’m feeling really really low I  try to pray, try to read the Bible, try to motivate myself so that I can continue to press on and not let the sadness weigh me down.  I have a 7 year old, I’m a wife and now I have a rainbow baby.  And yet there still pain, still sadness, there’s still regret and guilt and anger; there’s so much.  So sometimes praying is so hard and it doesn’t feel effective.

So then the tears start to flow. I spend a lot of time thinking about all the shoulda, coulda, wouldas;  the what should have been, what could have been and never will be.

It used to be that my tears would get out of control that my crying would leave me wiped out tired physically sick.  I would refuse to speak to people and generally lay in the bed all day long. There was no book, no movie, no television show that could take me out of my sorrow.

I hate child loss.
I hate that my son died.
I hate that I had to bury a  perfect beautiful little boy and I’ll never see him grow up. It hurts, it’s unfair, it’s terrible.

So then I start sleeping maybe take a sleeping pill or drink gallons of chamomile tea, to sort of mellow myself out, then I pray that I will dream about him; that he is alive and well and that this never happened. 

The truth is I will never understand why my son die what happened to me and my family? All I know is I pray that I see him again one day, that he will know me, know I’m mama and he will love me.